Monday, April 22, 2013

24 on 24

Heading into my freshman year of college, I had crazy notions that I'd have everything figured out by the time I graduated.  I mean, isn't this where I'd discover my dream job, meet the guy I was supposed to marry, and "find myself"?  Ahem, welcome to 24 Bethany!  I'm glad to discover that even two years post-college and two years in an amazing job still hasn't led to this.  It's been an incredible (and still-developing) process: challenging, blissful, stressful, sad... the list could go on.  Anyways, on the eve of my 24th birthday, 24 things I've learned:

  1. Homesickness does not peak in college.  I think the longer I've been out of college, the more I've realized that this independent life business is sticking... making me want to enjoy my family time more than ever.
  2. Parents have amazing advice.
  3. Expensive plane tickets are worth it to catch up in person.
  4. On that note, expensive plane tickets are worth any adventure.
  5. Now is the time to work long and work hard.  As much as work/life balance is preached, this is the time I'd rather put in those hours - not when I have other priorities.
  6. Push past the tiredness.  The world is an amazing place.  And even if it means three coffees or more at work, jump right in.
  7. Say yes to everything (remotely) safe.  You want to be there when it happens.
  8. Keep in touch with the people that know you.  Like really know you, and embrace their quirks and ridiculousness as much as they embrace your own.
  9. Prioritize your own happiness.  Even if that means laying in your bed and watching SVU alone.
  10. A good roommate is a gift.  Don't take it for granted.
  11. Buy expensive clothes/home accessories, and regret later.  Helps if items are non-returnable or too much of a hassle to take back.
  12. Get rid of toxic people in your life.  Good friends are an important ingredient to a healthy life.
  13. If you have extended family or grandparents, try to keep in touch.  It's amazing how much my Nan and aunts have inspired me.
  14. Surprise your family.  Buy them a random gift or sneak home for a weekend to make them feel special.
  15. DIY or cook to feel like a boss.  Even if it's pre-K skill level.
  16. Invest in good shoes.
  17. Don't be afraid to say no.
  18. Keep track of the things you love or are passionate about.  In the craziness of work/life/relationships/etc, it's easy to keep track of progress.  And progress meaning what might be next.
  19. You are never too old to appreciate celebrity gossip.
  20. But read the news.  Know what stock (a stock?) is. Start your retirement fund if possible.  Learn how to do taxes.  As young as I feel, it's never too early for this business.
  21. Date horribly.  Date wrong.  Date silly.  And I mean date in the loosest of terms.  But don't settle to find the one.  Or someone that might be the one ;) Or someone that puts up with your shenanigans, at least.
  22. Learn to travel alone.  Granted, I've never been out of the country, but stories of ladies my age scared to travel alone make me a little sad.  Just do it!
  23. Don't stress about the little things.  If only I was better at this :)
  24. Get rid of toxic people in your life.  Good friends are an important ingredient to a healthy life.
  25. And mascara, always mascara.  Little sleep has nothing on this magic trick.
Any other things you've learned?  Grateful to have so many opportunities to learn about myself, and excited for what this year will bring!

Cheese and leggings in Sonoma.  Bring it on 24!

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